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DayWellz is the
habit that keeps
you healthy

DayWellz symbolizes the earth, sun, trees and fruits

DayWellz is a healthfood-manufacturing company that tries to improve customers’ nutritive conditions and health through R&D in its attached laboratory, seeking challenges to find new value every day for the health management of its customers
Love me Little,
Love me Long

Everyday Healthy DayWellz

DayWellz aims to advance as a global group with differentiated marketing of healthy extracts, healthy juice, healthy powder, black garlic powder, etc., produced with fresh ingredients and thorough sanitary control.
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  • CEOHwang Jung-heung
  • Main number1599-0962
  • 106-108 Yeongcheon Aishi-ro (Bong-dong), Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Tax Identification Number 144-87-02309